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Fiction, Thriler
Powerful reality-based roller-coaster ride about DNA typing.
Fiction - Action/Adventure, History
The action kicks off in serene Beverly Hills where Dr. Mike Nejad reviews a cryptic letter from his stubborn Iranian father, an internationally respected medical researcher. Early one morning, colorful FBI agent Marco Wexler unexpectedly appears at Mike’s house. Mike is suspicious because of Marco’s age and flashes back on his father’s letter. Maybe it was a warning. From Washington, D.C. and a conspiracy within our own government to The Center for Disease Control to a synagogue in Tehran, with an authentic woven history dating back to Hippocrates, Lewis comes up with a thoroughly original monster of a plot that will please even the most faithful conspiracy addicts.
Compelling Scalpel Thriller
"I found Celebrity Gangster intense, dramatic, a real page turner." ----Irwin Winkler, Producer of Rocky, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Night and the City and The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. The only biography of gangster Mickey Cohen.
Biography of the fabled comedian and actor Milton Berle.
Medical Thriller
Move over Michael Crichton and Robin Cook, here comes Brad Lewis. The reader's goosebumps will have bumps until the twisted ending. © 2001, Nancy B. Leake, A.R.N.P., CS-FNP, MSN,

Press Releases

Sex, Drugs and Deviancy …
BEVERLY HILLS, CA – A new book by a celebrity biographer and former “surgeon to the stars” has many people wondering – and more than a little concerned – about that next trip to their trusted doctor.

Dysplasia, by Brad Lewis, examines the sordid lives of esteemed physicians in a high-profile New York OB-GYN practice. Filled with kinky sex, egomaniacs, and greedy doctors who perform “medically necessary” operations to increase cash flow, Lewis’ depiction of doctors includes massive doses of infidelity, sexual deviancy and even murder.

Lewis is leaving the door open as to how much his book imitates real life.

“Dysplasia is a story based in part upon what I observed and experienced working with the medical elite,” says Lewis. “In terms of bizarre behavior, odd sexual practices and human weaknesses, health professionals are no different than any other segment of the population. Assuming well-known doctors are model citizens by default isn’t practical. They’re not.”

Some of the issues featured in Dysplasia include:

Deviant, kinky and extreme sex, drug abuse and violence – the “other side” of the lives of medical doctors.

The harsh reality of how and why physicians routinely perform unnecessary procedures and operations.

Racism in the distribution of medical services -- How many doctors focus their attention where the most money – not the greatest need – exists.

The shocking lack of attention many leading doctors pay to ongoing medical research.

Brad Lewis is a novelist, biographer, playwright and former actor. As an oral surgeon, he practiced in both New York and Beverly Hills. His offices treated numerous celebrities including Richard Nixon, Frank Sinatra, Willie Mays, Diane Keaton, Hugh Downs, Henry Mancini and Henry Kissinger.

What Was Ole’ Blue Eyes Really Like?
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - Lights ... camera ... surgery. Brad Lewis, author of the acclaimed new book Dysplasia, saw many top celebrities in situations they hoped their admirers and fans never would -- vulnerable, often ailing, and completely not in control. A highly-respected celebrity biographer and former specialist in oral surgery, Lewis treated many of Hollywood's "A-List" and celebrities in both New York and Los Angeles, and is sharing humorous, odd and downright bizarre anecdotes about his experiences.

From Frank Sinatra and Richard Nixon to Hugh Downs and Diane Keaton, Lewis has literally seen it all when it comes to top-names with their guards down. Some of the stories he can share include:

What it was like to treat Frank Sinatra, the "Chairman of the Board?"

Why he once had to give Hugh Downs "top level government clearance" for a secret South Pole trip.

How Milton Berle's wife got mugged in a private elevator heading to Lewis' office, and "beat the s___ out of the guy" according to Uncle Miltie.

Spiro Agnew pitching his non-selling autobiography while sitting on the hallway floor outside the office.

Why how much to charge President Nixon became a source of contention in his office.

How Henry Mancini tried to barter for free care with free piano lessons!

Brad Lewis is a renowned celebrity biographer, novelist, and former actor and screenwriter. His latest book, Dysplasia, is a medical thriller centered around the sordid lives and weird sexual habits of "celebrity doctors." Dysplasia is available for purchase at BarnesandNoble.com, and can be ordered at all major bookstores.