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First Blog-Late To The Party

I just released a new book, Mickey Cohen: The Gangster Squad and the Mob, The True Story of Vice in Los Angeles, 1937-1950. This is an abridged and edited version of my biography of Cohen, originally published in 2007 and reissued in 2009. A new movie is based on this and similar material, some from a series of articles in the LA Times.

My agent of seventeen years, Jack Scovil, died recently. It's been an odd sort of year, trying to carry on without knowing that Jack is waiting for the material. Jack and I were friends. He was a very decent person and we dined together regularly when I was in New York, where I split my time.

Enough said about Jack or I will go into a rant about agents. I promise to do that another time. And then I will tell you about my adventures in Hollywood. Yes, I can become a shameless name-dropper.

Somehow I got three of my books produced as audio versions. One of them, Great White Doctor seems to be a hit. I cast against type or in this case, against the strong nature of the narrative. I felt the material was strong enough and the voice of the narrator would work with a fatherly, kind, sort of of bedtime story approach. Yet, critics have shown up on the Audible site, one with unkind words.

Back to agenting for a moment. I've decided, more or less, to go it alone. I have a following based on my success with biographies and my old release Dysplasia. The book market is a strange place these days. So far, so good. I have several manuscripts that I'm editing and hope to get them out soon. My sequel to The Bloomingdale Code is one of them. It's a yarn that has to do with DNA genotyping and mistaken identity. Yet, what if a blood marker linked one of us to a historic figure who wasn't known to have had children? What if this figure was of tremendous religious significance?

I do most of my writing at the shore. It works. I find that I don't work much when I'm in New York. That may be because of all the distractions. Mine is mainly food. I eat my way through the city.

I write every day. I am one of the "have to" writers.

Also will talk about my love/hate relationship with Los Angeles. How can you love a city that thinks Wonder Bread with a hole in it is a bagel?

Hope this wasn't boring. First try. Late to the game. Love to hear your comments.
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