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Fiction, Thriler
Powerful reality-based roller-coaster ride about DNA typing.
Fiction - Action/Adventure, History
The action kicks off in serene Beverly Hills where Dr. Mike Nejad reviews a cryptic letter from his stubborn Iranian father, an internationally respected medical researcher. Early one morning, colorful FBI agent Marco Wexler unexpectedly appears at Mikeís house. Mike is suspicious because of Marcoís age and flashes back on his fatherís letter. Maybe it was a warning. From Washington, D.C. and a conspiracy within our own government to The Center for Disease Control to a synagogue in Tehran, with an authentic woven history dating back to Hippocrates, Lewis comes up with a thoroughly original monster of a plot that will please even the most faithful conspiracy addicts.
Compelling Scalpel Thriller
"I found Celebrity Gangster intense, dramatic, a real page turner." ----Irwin Winkler, Producer of Rocky, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Night and the City and The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. The only biography of gangster Mickey Cohen.
Biography of the fabled comedian and actor Milton Berle.
Medical Thriller
Move over Michael Crichton and Robin Cook, here comes Brad Lewis. The reader's goosebumps will have bumps until the twisted ending. © 2001, Nancy B. Leake, A.R.N.P., CS-FNP, MSN,

New Mickey Cohen Audio

March 10, 2013

Tags: Mickey Cohen, Gangster Squad, True Crime

John C. Zak, the brilliant voiceover artist, has just completed Mickey Cohen: The Gangster Squad and the Mob, The True Story of Vice in Los Angeles 1937-1950. Zak brings a treasure trove of entertainment to his work. The audiobook will be sold be Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

In 2007, Hollywood's Celebrity Gangster was published by (more…)

First Blog-Late To The Party

January 13, 2013

Tags: Mickey Cohen, New Release, Audio Books

I just released a new book, Mickey Cohen: The Gangster Squad and the Mob, The True Story of Vice in Los Angeles, 1937-1950. This is an abridged and edited version of my biography of Cohen, originally published in 2007 and reissued in 2009. A new movie is based on this and similar material, some from a series (more…)